In recent years, water sports have been heating up in the country, especially diving sports. The number of divers is increasing at a rate of five digits every year. In places like Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea, diving and surfing are already popular sports in the area. There are functional equipment that meets various conditions, and clothing that adapts to various environmental conditions.

NEO-SPLASH, was conceived and founded by a Chinese diving and surfing enthusiast who has lived overseas for many years. He noticed that more and more Asian people became divers found it hard to find a suitable diving suit. So, born as a designer, He decided to create a professional watersport brand suitable for Asians, and produce suitable clothing for Asian diving and surfing enthusiasts.

With the popularization of these water sports and the gradual development of younger age, children's demand for these products is increasing, and NEO-SPLASH has also launched related children's series products in compliance with the market.

NEO is the abbreviation of NEOPRENE, a material widely used in water sports apparel, referred to as diving material. NEO also stands for New+ Essential+ Original, representing the novel, essence and original design of the brand for water sports products.

SPLASH also represents vitality and movement.